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Wholesale Fashion Handbags and Cheap Purses

Welcome to MHB Wholesale Inc.

Our goal is to provide retailers and wholesalers with up to date fashionable handbags and purses at unbelievable unbeatable wholesale pricing. We are located in Bell Gardens California in the county of Los Angeles roughly 15 minutes away from downtown Fashion District. We have been in the retail and wholesale sector selling at flea markets and trade shows as a sole prop since 2007 and have taken business to selling strictly wholesale distributing to wholesalers and retailers online only, as of 2013 and incorporated in 2014. We strive to produce nothing but up to date hot selling fashion handbags of good quality for the best possible wholesale price. No tax ID is required so long as you are not in the state of California. If you are in California then we do require a tax ID for you to be able to buy at wholesale or we will have to charge sales tax. Minimum orders to qualify as a wholesale purchase are of only $60.00, you can mix and match handbags, purses, messengers bags and wallets as you please. Shipping rates decrease the more products you order.

If your idea is to purchase from us and resell our $10 purses for $20 to $30 and double or a bit more than double on your investment you are in the right place where everyone can be happy and satisfied and you can make a profit. However if you are planning on buying our $10 handbags and plan on selling them for $50 to $60 or more please don't shop on our site. Our handbags are of great quality to be sold at wholesale price for $10 a purse and are of great quality to be resold for $20 to $30 a purse. They are however NOT $50 to $60 retail price quality handbags. If you are interested in those purses we do offer a few purses from $12 to $18 or there are other sites online that offer purses at prices $20 on up that can be sold for $50 or more.

Thank you for your interest in our company and our products.

Manuel Marroquin, CEO


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