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In general all sales are considered to be final. The only exception to our all sales final policy would be factory defects, weather a bad zipper, missing ornament (usually a bling stone), stain, tear etc.  We try our best to visually inspect handbags before they ship, but sometimes a factory defective item does slip through the cracks. If its a missing ornament and or its an easy fix we'll simply mail you the piece at no charge to you and or give you a tips on how to fix it. If its not repairable exceptions are made on a case by case basis and claims must be made within 1 business day of receiving your order. If a defective item arrives we only require that you email us with a description of the problem and clear pictures of the defect along with your order ID which is printed on your invoice. Depending on the defect, 99% of the time we will credit you an amount both we (mhb wholesale handbags) and you (our valued customer) find fair for your next order. Considering the cost of our wholesale handbags only $10 and costs of actual shipping to ship back a defective wholesale purse, will cost about the same as your credit, at that point you can expect to receive your credit on your next order and keep the defective wholesale handbag to do as you please, sell it at a discounted price to your customers, use it for spare parts, how you dispose of it is completely up to you. So in the end, most cases on factory defective wholesale handbags you get 20-100% credit towards your next order on the defective item, and you don't have to ship anything back to us. Customer care is our #1 priority, so if there are any discrepancies with an order please don't hesitate to contact us via email, live chat, or call so we can take care of you right away.

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